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The Wrong gallery Maurizio Cattelan, Massimiliano gioni and ali Subotnick, 2005  Only 2 remaining 


Edition: 1000, Materials: Resin, wood, glass, aluminum, steel, brass and electric lighting Dimensions: 18” w x 11” h x 2.36” d / 45 h x 28 W x 6 D cm Item no. 20000


The Wrong Gallery was the smallest exhibition space in New York, located at 516A1/2 West 20th Street in Chelsea, opening in 2002 and closing in September 2005. The Wrong Gallery reopened at The Tate Modern in November of 2005. The non-profit venue has 1 square meter of exhibition space. The tiny gallery’s exhibition program and artistic experimentations are conceptualized and directed by Maurizio Cattelan, Ali Subotnick and Massimiliano Gioni, and so far they have organized over 30 exhibitions featuring works by Lawrence Weiner, Elizabeth Peyton, Paul McCarthy and many more. As the wrong dealers say, “The Wrong Gallery is the back door to contemporary art, and it’s always locked. ”The concept of the original Wrong Gallery, to replicate the structure of the art system while radically transforming scale and resources, is now taken to the next level by recreating a realistic 1:6 scale home version in resin, glass, aluminum, steel, brass, wood, with electric lighting, which is designed to be installed in a wall in your home. It will also sit on a tabletop.

The Wrong Gallery

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