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Resin 6 1/4 × 3 1/4 × 3 1/4 in 15.9 × 8.3 × 8.3 c This work is from the edition of an unknown size produced to accompany the full-size bronze Horse and Rider installed at Texas Tech University's Student Union Gathering Pavilion. It was only available for sale at the Texas Tech Student Union. Fabricated by Cerealart Projects.

Tom Otterness Horse and Rider Maquette, 2003 White

  • Since the 1970s, Tom Otterness has been populating public spaces with his impish human and animal sculptures, through which he gently lampoons American society. Disarmingly cute and cartoonish, and underpinned by art history, popular culture, and a democratic vision, his characters mock societal groups. “The artwork itself has five character types: blue collar workers, white collar workers, cops, […] radicals, […] and […] rich people,” he says. “And I take those five classes and […] make scenarios out of them.” Otterness uses the “lost wax” process to cast his bronze figures, which range from monumental to palm-sized. He explores class, money, race, and sex in his works, putting these fraught topics into the public sphere to spark conversation.

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